special thanks to the the stockists, clients and workshop spaces who allow me to teach art!


workshop spaces

-urban outfitters, los angeles

-renegade craft fair


-patchwork festival

-summer camp, ojai

-len collective, san luis obispo

-tradeschool los angeles

-shop heritage mercantile, newport beach


Very lovely people carry Sienne Josselin handmade goods. Visit their shops and give them "high fives" from me!

-Hunter Gatherer, Kaui

-Summer Camp, Ojai

-MAKE Collectives, Long Beach

-Los Angeles County Store, Silverlake

-Blossom Vintage, mobile airstream vintage shop

-Grand Central Art Center, Santa Ana

-Curiosity Shop, Lady Lu of the Wolves

-Sunflowers On The Square, Santa Barbara

Also, more artwork and goods available at: siennejosselin.etsy.com!


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